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[PLUG] OT: Visioneer/Thunderbird

Off-topic notice.  This involves OSS, but on W*****s.

Does anyone happen to have a Visioneer scanner that uses the One Touch 3.0 or 4.0 software and who also uses it to attach scans directly to e-mail in Thunderbird?

We used to use One Touch 3.0 with Netscape mail.  When we switched to Thunderbird, we couldn't get One Touch to connect with it.  Now we are considering a new scanner that will have One Touch 4.0.  Unless someone says otherwise, I have no reason to believe the new software will support Thunderbird.

Oh!  Is there another utility would could use with it?

I'm considering the Visioneer 7400 scanner, which is actually for my father.  He's running Vista now.  (Sorry, dad.)

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