Christopher M. Jones on 5 Jun 2008 09:24:07 -0700

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[PLUG] Drexel's Windows requirements

It has just come to my attention that I'm required to run Windows if I
attend Drexel.

My first quarter at Drexel I ran into a problem submitting assignments
through Blackboard. After calling support and much googling, I
discovered that there is a known defect in Blackboard that prevents it
from uploading files from anything but a Windows filesystem. So I've
been submitting assignments by Email, or by cutting and pasting
assignments into the comment box in the submission form.

But now my professor has written me a very scathing note informing me
that none of my assignments will be graded unless I submit them
"properly", and she quoted me chapter and verse of the "Computer
Requirements" specification:

Now, I read this when I signed up at Drexel, but I've always interpreted
"not supported" as 'we're not going to help you with it.' But in this
case it seems that "not supported" means 'required to run Windows.'

This doesn't seem right to me, especially since I see no reason why BB
would be defective in such an obvious way, except by design. And I can't
believe that Drexel, of all places, would impose such a restrictive
regulation! After all, this regulation alienates not only Linux users
but Mac users, as well.

I'm angry at the moment, and I feel like writing someone a nasty note,
organizing petitions and protests, etc. Of course I won't, because I
don't know who to write and I doubt anyone would listen.

Comments? Advice?

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