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Re: [PLUG] Drexel's Windows requirements

On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 12:22 PM, Christopher M. Jones
<cjones@partialflow.com> wrote:

> But now my professor has written me a very scathing note informing me
> that none of my assignments will be graded unless I submit them
> "properly", and she quoted me chapter and verse of the "Computer
> Requirements" specification:
> http://www.ischool.drexel.edu/PS/GraduatePrograms/MSIS/ComputerRequirements/
> Now, I read this when I signed up at Drexel, but I've always interpreted
> "not supported" as 'we're not going to help you with it.' But in this
> case it seems that "not supported" means 'required to run Windows.'

"Not Supported" = You can use it, but it if causes us any problems (as
in: makes us accept your work via email, or yanking them out of a
comment box, or in any other way that makes us to perform work
specifically for you, because of your choice of OS), then we won't
help you at ALL. Period. End of Statement. Next!

> This doesn't seem right to me

Look at it from the point of view of the University - you agreed to
the conditions (including having a Windows PC available as a backup,
in case of problems).  You are admittedly *NOT* in compliance with the

Computers without a MS Windows operating system are not supported by
the iSchool, and students must have access to a Windows PC as a

Note *MUST* have access to a Windows PC as a backup.

> I'm angry at the moment, and I feel like writing someone a nasty note,
> organizing petitions and protests, etc. Of course I won't, because I
> don't know who to write and I doubt anyone would listen.

Will you get a massive enough student protest because you won't use
WIndows, enough to force the University to change their rules?

> Comments? Advice?

Submit your assignments from from a friend's Windows laptop, if you
won't or can't run Windows (perhaps in a VM) on your own laptop?

That would be easist, especially since others have posted that not
every professor is so strict about enforcing compliance. When the
course is over, this issue will go away for you, right?

And yes, this sucks, and Drexel shouldn't be so draconian (heh) about it.
Michael J. Leone

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