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[PLUG] Anybody have a job opening that might match this resume?

My good friend Sal Sanfratello is looking for work; resume attached.
I can attest that Sal's intelligence and work ethic are superior and his
leadership skills exceptional.  The resume doesn't mention a couple of
the most interesting things about him, including the fact that he's
ex-Special-Forces and that he's been running a salle d'armes teaching
European sword for about seven years; I've trained there, which is
mainly how I know him.

Sal is not a programmer, but he understands programmers very well and
would be well suited to a job in IT project management, systems
administration, applications planning, or security.  He has lots of
factory-floor experience, too, and is both comfortable and effective
in industrial environments.  His Linux skills are minimal but his
interest in Linux is strong; given daily exposure I am confident he
would become expert very quickly.

Unfortunately the economy in Michigan where Sal now lives has been
badly hammered by the decline of the Big Three automakers and is now
sufficiently deep in the tank that the salle is probably not
sustainable where it is.  Sal's day job evaporated and his students
are as broke as he is, so he's (reluctantly) ready to relocate.

Since he's gotta move, I'm trying to generate Sal some opportunities that
would put him within easy visiting distance of me.  He has a couple of
Malamute dogs that are used to having running room, so somewhere in
the 'burbs would be a better idea than downtown Philly.  Somewhere
out here on the 202 technology strip would be ideal.

Sal is one of the most dynamic and capable people I know.  He gets
things done, and I think he'd be a major asset to anyone who hired him.
If you know of a job that might match, please email him (and Cc me because
I'd like to know about it).  Address in the resume.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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