Casey Bralla on 7 Jun 2008 03:49:30 -0700

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[PLUG] Save a Dilbert?

I want to save a copy of Dilbert from last Sunday.   The old Dilbert online 
made this very easy,but the new animated site prevents it.

I notice that a static image (jpg file?) of the strip appears first, then is 
over-written by the animated version.

I could do screenshots, then cut and paste, but this means each row of 3 
panels has the "<" and ">" characters embedded on them.

I've also tried printing to my cups pdf printer using the "print" option on 
the animated strip.  For some reason, this prints to my printer, NOT the pdf 
file, even though printing the pdf printer works fine from the main menu.  

Anybody know how to shut off the animation, or otherwise save a Sunday 


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