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Re: [PLUG] Save a Dilbert?

Casey Bralla wrote:
> I want to save a copy of Dilbert from last Sunday.   The old Dilbert online
> made this very easy,but the new animated site prevents it.
> I notice that a static image (jpg file?) of the strip appears first, then is
> over-written by the animated version.
> I could do screenshots, then cut and paste, but this means each row of 3
> panels has the "<" and">" characters embedded on them.
> I've also tried printing to my cups pdf printer using the "print" option on
> the animated strip.  For some reason, this prints to my printer, NOT the pdf
> file, even though printing the pdf printer works fine from the main menu.
> <sigh>
> Anybody know how to shut off the animation, or otherwise save a Sunday
> Dilbert?
Shutting off Javascript in the browser prevents the animated window from 
appearing .


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