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[PLUG] Fwd: [Philly-chix] Thursday, June 19th: Social Meeting @ Fox and Hound in King of Prussia

In case there is any interest on list. The last PhillyChix event was a
Girls Inc. project last summer with the Ubuntu Pennsylvania team and
we're looking to start getting together again semi-regularly,
launching it with this social meeting so it's a nice time to join us,
I expect a lot of new faces.

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From: Elizabeth Bevilacqua <lyz@princessleia.com>
Date: Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:11 PM
Subject: Thursday, June 19th: Social Meeting @ Fox and Hound in King of Prussia
To: phillychix@linuxchix.org

Since we haven't had a meeting in quite some time I thought we should
just have a social get together this month.

After speaking with a couple people we've decided upon:

What? Social gathering of Philly LinuxChix, w/ appetizers, dinner, drinks
When? 7PM-9PM
Where? Fox and Hound, 160 N. Gulph Road, Suite 211, King of Prussia
(in parking lot of KoP Mall)
Cost? Pay for what you order, please bring cash so it's easy to split the bill

Please drop me a note prior to the meeting if you plan to attend so I
know how many seats we'll need, I'll be sending a reminder the week of
the meeting.

If you have any questions - please ask! This meeting is open to all
women interested in Linux and/or Open Source Software. Men - have a
woman you'd like to get interested? Encourage her to come, or join us
and bring her along!

If you have trouble finding the place, or our table once you arrive,
please give me a call on my cell: 610-952-7370

Hope to see you there!

- Lyz

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