JP Vossen on 12 Jun 2008 09:43:44 -0700

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[PLUG] Windows TextUtils/CLI tools (was re: A week o' Mondays...]

 > Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 23:23:48 -0400
 > From: Michael Leone <>
 > Subject: Re: [PLUG] [almost OT] a week of Mondays
 > There are lots of command line tools for Windows, including a whole
 > slew of free GNU utilities. I have scripts that do backup functions
 > that call on and depend on things like grep for windows,etc. And the
 > SysInternals utilities are a godsend.

Ironically, I just did a presentation on that very topic last night.  I 
was going to post details here as "OT but of interest to some stuck with 
Windows" but I can't pass up this lead-in. :-) = ODP & PDF slides and a *.cmd.txt (to 
avoid AV and such) batch file demo.

* About JP (mercifully brief, I assure you)
* GUI vs. Command Line (Nothing much here; I talked a bit about it)
* Interesting Tools (plug for Ubuntu, Wubi, OpenOffice, Perl and more to 
a mostly Windows crowd (students at ITT Tech))
* Built-in Windows [Security] tools (Article by Ed Skoudis)
* SysInternals (Live) Tools & List
* Other built-in Tools
* Demo.cmd

In particular, I'm a big fan of the, 
which I've mentioned here before.  They are Windows native ports of the 
Unix Text Utils, but unlike the official GNU Win32 ports they have no 
DLL deps, and unlike Cygwin there's no installer or complexity.  Just 
download and run, much like the greatness that is the SysInternals tools.

For SysInternals see especially:
* Ready-to-use "Live" drive of always up-to-date tools (66M mirrored via wget)
* Decent list of all tools and short descriptions

The other bit of real note are two article by Ed Skoudis, a noted 
Windows Security hacker.
* Windows commands to determine if a system has been hacked (part 1/2),289483,sid14_gci1303709,00.html
* More built-in Windows commands for system analysis (part 2/2),289483,sid14_gci1313370,00.html

Enjoy (in as far as you can, while being stuck on Windows... But I'm not 
bitter. :-),
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