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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu desktop vs server kernel

JP Vossen wrote:
> Does anyone know the significant differences between the Ubuntu Hardy 
> linux-generic and linux-server kernels?
> apt-cache show linux-generic linux-server:
> 	"This package will always depend on the latest complete..."
> 		"generic Linux kernel available"
> 		"Linux kernel available for Server Equipment"
> ...doesn't tell me a whole lot.  Is it really just different hardware 
> support?  Or is there other tuning?
> My use-case is an Xubuntu desktop used solely for running VMware 
> Workstation, but it does live on a Dell PE850 1u server chassis.
> Recommendations?
> Thanks,
> JP

TOTAL shot in the dark, but i think the server kernel is a bit more
hardened, and the generic actually has *MORE* hardware support (more usb
devices, more hotpluggable device support, etc.).

brent saner.
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