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Re: [PLUG] Which Process is Thrashing my Disk?

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> I should give you a search google chiding.
> But here you go 
> or

not helpful.

"In many cases this won't tell you anything especially if you are using
a journalling filesystem."[1]
i.e. ext3, reiserfs (i believe), jfs (also as i recall)... and, by
extension, ntfs-3g mounts.

the second one..well, that just covers lsof, not the actual I/O.

casey, i must preface this first that /there is no real way to
accurately determine I/O/, simply because of the channel architecture.
and you may have varying levels of success based upon what kind of disk
it is. however, if you want a pretty good idea, i'd do:

watch -no.5 -d iostat

this puts a watch on iostat's output which updates every half-second and
hilights differences.

you might want to poke through iostat's man page, as there's a LOT of
interesting info in there (i think there may be an iostat builtin that
does what i specified above).

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