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Re: [PLUG] Killswitch and iwl4965

If your laptop has a set dedicated kill switch, in the front by the screen latches on Thinkpads, it will work just fine for disabling and re-enabling, at least its done so for my friends and I on both an X61 and X61s on Fiesty, Gutsy and now Hardy both 32 and 64. Ive never tried the fn f5 keycombo for turning it off.

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Shameel Arafin <> wrote:
Hi All.

There's a linux bug related to the Intel wifi driver iwl4965 (for the Intel Pro 4965 AGN card). Basically, if you do a Fn-F2 (disable wireless through key combo), you can't turn it back on. This is because it sets the rf_kill file to 2, and it needs to be 0.

Does anybody know how to reset it to 0? I've googled around, and even tried Ubuntu's IRC channel, but nobody seems to know. The workaround is to boot Windows, get wifi enabled, then boot Ubuntu... But that's so lame. (Also, I don't want to install Windows on my box).

BTW, if you try echo 0 > rf_kill, it doesn't work. vim rf_kill and setting it to 0 doesn't work either, there's some FSync error.

Thanks guys.

Shameel Arafin

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