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[PLUG] Jobs tip: Unix/Linux sysadmin in Annapolis for Sandra Stocker...

Job Seekers and Linux folks,

Anyone interested in a Unix/Linux sysadmin position?

Sanda Stocker is a friend who is a long-time Unix sys admin and 
writes the Unix tips for IT World.  It's one of the few technical
tips newletters that I still read regularly.  Check it out at:

Sandra has a friend looking to hire a Unix/Linux sys admin in the 
Annapolis MD area.  Interested?  Know anyone who is?

Feel free to reply to me, or directly to Sandara.  See below for 

Sandra, I'm not sending this to my Unix Tips list since it contains 
lots of people I've worked with at past clients, and I don't want to 
recruit their employees.  However, I am sending it to my Consultants
list, though it may not draw much interest since it seems like a 
regular employee position.  I'm also sending it to my Job Wanted 
list, which is people who have told me they are already actively 
looking for a new job.

I'm also posting it to the local Philly area Linux User Group:
They meet monthly to discuss technical Linux topics, and have a 
very active mailing list.  You or Sterling may want to post to 
other user groups near Annapolis as well.

I'm also posting it to the Philly chapter of TPNG ("Technical 
Professionals Networking Group"), which is a group of people in 
the Philly area who are actively networking to help each other 
find and fill technical positions.  They meet monthly to discuss
hiring issues, meet face to face, share information, coach each 
other on job searches and candidate searches, etc., and they also
have a very active mailing list.  You or Sterling may want to 
connect with that group at:
or perhaps a chapter that is closer to Annapolis.

Fred Stluka -- --
Bristle Software, Inc -- -- Glad to be of service!

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Subject:  Unix/Linux Sysadmin Needed
Date:     Fri, 20 Jun 2008 16:38:47 -0400
From:     Sandra Henry-Stocker <>
To:       Fred Stluka <>

Fred --

A friend of mine (Sterling McKeand) is looking for a Unix/Linux 
person, fairly senior, to work with his company.  He mentioned that 
experience with Content Manager would be a plus.  Salary range 
probably up to $80K, depending on experience.

I can find out more about the location, though it's somewhere in this 
area.  Would you be willing to send out a notice to your list?


The job location is in Annapolis Junction (by Ft Meade). It's a perm 
position. Solaris is the dominant flavor of choice (9 & 10), but also 
various flavors of Linux as well.... The main ones that are being used 
are Ubuntu and RH Ent.

If an applicant has IBM Content Manager and/or SAS, that would 
excellent!   Although, it's not required at all.... They're looking at 
getting training for that person and/or multiple individuals on CM.

They also are looking for .NET programmers.


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