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Re: [PLUG] How to diagnose a lockup?

Christopher M. Jones wrote:
> I'm very pleased with my spankin' new LinuxMCE DVR. The problem is that
> it locks up pretty regularly. It's always when I'm out of the room, too.
> I walk away and come back to find the system completely unresponsive.
> I've wanted to know this in the past, and never bothered to ask anyone:
> When your system locks up, what do you do to find the cause of it?
> And a related question: when an app segfaults, what does this mean and
> what can I do about it?
What is a LinuxMCE DVR?

If you're running X then try ctrl-alt-backspace and see if it's X that 
is unresponsive.
I'll also try to SSH into an unresponsive system to see if that's 
working.  You can also ping it to see if the networking is at least 
marginally functional.


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