Christopher M. Jones on 23 Jun 2008 11:35:21 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] How to diagnose a lockup?

Didn't mean for that LinuxMCE DVR reference to be confusing. It's just a 
linux pc acting like a Tivo. Otherwise, it's a normal machine running 
Kubuntu 7.10.

Ctrl-Alt-F1 doesn't get me back to terminal, but I didn't try killing 
the Xserver.

I guess I thought someone could tell me something like "reboot, look at 
these logs in this order, etc." Or "reboot and use tool x to get a dump 
of y," or just outline a general strategy for diagnosing the issue, or 
finding out what the machine was doing right before the lockup, etc.

Eric wrote:
> Christopher M. Jones wrote:
>> I'm very pleased with my spankin' new LinuxMCE DVR. The problem is that
>> it locks up pretty regularly. It's always when I'm out of the room, too.
>> I walk away and come back to find the system completely unresponsive.
>> I've wanted to know this in the past, and never bothered to ask anyone:
>> When your system locks up, what do you do to find the cause of it?
>> And a related question: when an app segfaults, what does this mean and
>> what can I do about it?
> What is a LinuxMCE DVR?
> If you're running X then try ctrl-alt-backspace and see if it's X that 
> is unresponsive.
> I'll also try to SSH into an unresponsive system to see if that's 
> working.  You can also ping it to see if the networking is at least 
> marginally functional.
> Eric
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