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Re: [PLUG] How to diagnose a lockup?

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 01:08:17PM -0400, Christopher M. Jones said:
> When your system locks up, what do you do to find the cause of it?
> And a related question: when an app segfaults, what does this mean and 
> what can I do about it?

Assuming this is mythtv, and that you mean mythtv is locked up, rather
than the entire machine:
mythtv will lockup and segfault randomly.  Set a button on your remote
to restart X.

A segfault is caused by an invalid memory reference (trying to access
memory at an address that it doesn't own, etc).

For debugging mythtv errors, look in ~mythv/.xsession-errors and
/var/log/mythtv*.  Occasionally something might be written to another
log (/var/log/syslog being your best bet), but usually not.

If it is in fact the entire machine locking up, get rid of those binary
only nvidia drivers and use something debuggable and fixable.  Just a
guess :)
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