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Re: [PLUG] Adaptec 3805 w/ CentOS


Have you tried booting it with a Knoppix disk?  Knoppix handles most hardware 
situations quite well and once it's up and running you can see if Knoppix 
correctly handles your adaptec card.  Then, examine the drivers that got loaded 
to see how Knoppix did it!

Where are you located?  I could possibly help in person this afternoon if you're 
not too far away (I'm in Swarthmore, Delaware county.)


Glenn Kelley wrote:
> I have a fun situation...
> The Adaptec 3805 is supposed to be CentOS / RedHat 5 Ready ...
> Well - that was the hope.
> Upon boot however - (install goes just fine... although it takes some
> time to build that Raid 50 on 4TB of storage)
> it goes into Kernel Panic.
> Is anyone available to do a quick trouble shoot on Monday that I can
> meet up w/
> I am due to take a flight on tuesday AM - so having this up and
> running prior to that would be great.
> I don't think its a driver issue - but could be wrong...
> I can come to you if needed.
> :-)
> Glenn

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