jeff on 30 Jun 2008 16:19:14 -0700

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[PLUG] vmware silliness

Right, so there's no Virtual Center client for linux.  This pisses me off.

I tried getting in via browser, but the interface is somewhat crippled. 
  The best part was when it told me my browser wasn't supported but it 
still might work.  Which browser?  IE6 under Wine, of course.   When was 
the last time a site told you IE wasn't supported?  :)

The Win client wouldn't work, probably because of lack of .NET, but the 
error was beyond cryptic.  With no other alternatives, I fired up my 
Windows VM and got in to do what I had to (grumbling all the while).

The real fun started when I had to log into the virtual server I just 

How do you log in?  Ctl-alt-del.
What happened when I hit Ctl-alt-del?  My Windows desktop VM wanted to lock.
How do you get past this?  Ctl-alt-ins.
What happened when I hit Ctl-alt-ins?  My Windows desktop VM wanted to 
lock.  Ctl-alt-ins wasn't getting through the desktop VM to the server VM!

VMware eventually figured out what I was trying to do but jumpin' 
jehosephat...what kind of matter/antimatter conundrum have I gotten 
myself into?

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