Glenn Kelley on 1 Jul 2008 07:08:46 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Adaptec 3805 w/ CentOS

Well -

This card still has us stuck.
I believe its a driver issue...
and I must admit @ this point I am still trying to figure out how to  
write the driver disk to include the correct drivers.

Apparently - the red hat drivers are "almost" the right ones...
they do have the ones in there for CentOS - but its not in the option  
to write them...
(go figure)

I am thinking its somethign so simple that we are missing -
and at this point - I need to pay someone to just get this done.

Who is in the city that is up for a quick visit?
not sure of to many shops that are good for this...

Eric (if your still available)  - mind if I come for a visit?


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