Doug Crompton on 1 Jul 2008 08:33:42 -0700

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[PLUG] Asterisk problem

I posted this elsewhere without much response, so I though I might just ry

The problem appears to be that with dual core (or multiple) processors and
power managment Asterisk has choppy (stuttering) audio. I am not sure
what the best approach is to solve this. If anyone has any ideas let me

See below for more info.



In my research it appears this often happens when using more than one
processor. I am using a dual core Pentium.

I guess my dilema here is which way to go. Clearly the audio is not
working the way I would like it to and the way I came to expect from my
old system. When playing messages it seems to get out of sync. Sometimes
skipping ms's of audio. This seems to happen at about a 2-4 second rate.
It is not beyond use but annoying.

I believe that I have things setup to use the RTC as a timing device (see
below) but that did not seem to change the problem. It may have made it
better but not much.

What are my choices? HW card?, Upgrade Asterisk?, ????


> Using  1.2.29 on Linux version (SUSE 10.2) Intel 686 dual
> core.
> I just switched over to this system from an older SUSE 2.4.10 kernel
> system.
> I am getting choppy audio in voicemail and general message playback.
> I installed Zaptel and ztdummy module and the following is zaptel
> slate:/etc/init.d # cat /proc/zaptel/1
> Span 1: ZTDUMMY/1 "ZTDUMMY/1 (source: RTC) 1"
> Is this indicating proper installation? Is there anything else I should
> try/do??
> The choppyness is not extreme, just not perfect. I had no problem in my
> old system with 2.4. I had not even installed zaptel or ztdummy there.

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