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Re: [PLUG] Asterisk problem

On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 9:52 PM, Doug Crompton <doug@crompton.com> wrote:
> Mike,
>  Not sure why you are attacking me on this.

I am in no way attacking you. I am simply asking a question. You've
posted a few times on this problem now, haven't you? I simply asked if
you hadn't reached the point where it might be easier, or even more
productive, for you to just use a different solution.

Sorry if you see that as an "attack".

> You seem to be convinced this is not something I want to have control over. I have use Asterisk for
> years and like it very much. The problem is I changed computer HW and have
> a "slight" albeit annoying problem. I was trying to get at the root of it.
> It may or may not be the variable speed issue. It could be a host of other
> things. What I was trying to do and what many I suspect do on this group
> is call out for anyone else that may have some insight.
> Telling me to go commercial does not sound like a good answer especially
> for a group like this. Hell why doesn't everyone go commercial then we
> would not need a PLUG! If you can't offer sound advice then why not keep
> your mouth shut.

Doug, I'm sorry if I ruffled your feathers.

I'll tell you something else - When you ask for advice, either take it
or don't, but no need to be insulting if you don't agree with it.

I personally don't care what you do with your time, your hardware, or
anything else. You asked a question; I offered a different
perspective. I'm not religious about what OS or hardware I use. So if
Linux isn't cutting it, I would consider something else. When Windows
didn't cut it for me, I used Linux to make my own home server to solve
my problems and meet my needs about hosting my own email and domain.
Now, it's easier and better for me to let Google Apps do it for me. I
didn't stay with Linux, just because I could; I chose what best suited
my needs.

And that's all I asked you. You seemed to be spending a whole lot of
time getting your own PBX to work the way you want. So I said - hey,
what about another solution? That's all. Just because it might not
have been specifically Linux related (I never said buy a non-Linux
commercial solution; you just assumed I said that. I have no idea if
there are Linux-based commercial solutions for a PBX, but I'd be
surprised if there weren't). I didn't "tell" you to go commercial; I
asked if that might not be a better solution, in terms of your time
and effort.

>> So my question - would it be easier to just buy one, and then you have
>> the time to devote to needs now not being serviced by you?

No "telling", you'll note.

You know what they say - right tool for the job. I just said "perhaps
a different tool would be too your advantage".

I don't really wanna argue with you. Nor do I need to justify my Linux
stance. I've been on PLUG for over 10 years, and first used Linux back
in Slackware 3 or less. So I am a Linux user. But as I say, I'm not
married to it, same as I'm not married to Windows.

So, rather than continue this, I'll just wish you good luck in getting
your problem solved.

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