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Re: [PLUG] screensaver issue

jeff wrote:
> Xubuntu (xfce), dual monitors, ATI card, proprietary driver or generic
> When I hit Screensaver, I get what appears to be a box that sits there 
> and never fills with text.  I have to kill it manually.

which screensaver? i believe xubuntu uses xscreensaver. can i get
confirmation on this?

> I can't make a screensaver work on two similar systems.  I tried 
> uninstalling the stock saver and putting in others but nothing wants to 
> work.  If I manage to set something up for timed activation, it doesn't.

try disabling X from the inits, and then in a TTY do startx and watch
for errors while you try to initialize the screensaver.

or if it is xscreensaver, you should just be able to run it from an
emulated terminal and see the output there, too.

> Is this xfce, gnome, ubuntu, ati, xorg, chrysler.....???

my vote goes towards the actual screensaver engine

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