jeff on 2 Jul 2008 19:48:56 -0700

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[PLUG] screensaver issue

Xubuntu (xfce), dual monitors, ATI card, proprietary driver or generic

When I hit Screensaver, I get what appears to be a box that sits there 
and never fills with text.  I have to kill it manually.

I can't make a screensaver work on two similar systems.  I tried 
uninstalling the stock saver and putting in others but nothing wants to 
work.  If I manage to set something up for timed activation, it doesn't.

The single monitor Xubuntu box next to it doesn't have any problems.  I 
need a locking screensaver, lest I have to log out whenever I step away. 
  Checked Google, found everything but what I was looking for.

Is this xfce, gnome, ubuntu, ati, xorg, chrysler.....???

Thanks muchly.

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