JP Vossen on 3 Jul 2008 15:06:41 -0700

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[PLUG] bash completion and SSH "HashKnownHosts"

Last night during my bash preso at HMS, we were talking about bash 
completion and Ian Macdonald's awesome code from (which is included but not 
enabled in Debian/Ubuntu).

Someone mentioned the SSH auto-completion feature, which uses your 
~/.ssh/known_hosts file, but I'd wondered about since my hostnames are 
hashed in that file.  I didn't say anything since I'd never gotten 
around to looking into it.

Here's the issue:

Briefly: to prevent some worm "island hopping" behaviors, as of Breezy, 
Ubuntu sets /etc/ssh/ssh_config "HashKnownHosts yes".  If you want SSH 
auto-completion to work you can turn that off there or in ~/.ssh/config. 
  You might also have to clear and re-populate your known_hosts file, 
the bug isn't clear and I didn't test it.  Being an InfoSec geek I'm 
leaving mine as-is.

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