Art Alexion on 9 Jul 2008 07:30:51 -0700

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[PLUG] alien dmg?

Yet another unnecessary multimedia format....

I want to use (repeatedly, or I wouldn't bother) a web site that uses Adobe 
Air.  The Air package is available for Win or Mac, not Linux..

I downloaded the Mac package which is a dmg, which 'file' thinks is a bz2.  
Indeed ark opens it, but the encapsulated file is also a dmg.

Is there a way to install or use this in gnome or KDE?  I find proprietary 
stuff tends to have few dependencies because they tend to distribute the 
static libraries that they need.  I google "alien dmg" and "linux alien dmg" 
and all I get are alien skins for Mac or an Alien Invasion game.

Any ideas (other than running it in my vm?  I have IE4Lin installed so I might 
try the windows version under wine.

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