jeff on 10 Jul 2008 08:15:17 -0700

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[PLUG] it reaches out from the grave...

There's a program called ies4linux which installs a copy of Internet 
Exploder that runs under WINE, the Windows emulator for linux.  It just 
works (in the way that Internet Exploder works).   Yes, IE under linux. 
  I've often fantasized about calling Windows Support and telling them I 
need help configuring it.

Today I brought up IE to see if it was still working and it was.  I 
closed it and went about my business.  Closing IE is my favorite IE 
activity (and generally the safest).

I had some urgent matters to attend to and noticed the system being a 
bit weird.   Now my systems are a bit weird to begin with so it's always 
difficult to separate the leftystrat weird from the OS weird or some 
other sort of third-party weird.

Pulling up my system monitor, I noticed that CPU2 is running at 100%. 
This is unprecedented.  It's beyond simply weird.   Checking my 
processes, I notice that 48% of the system is being eaten by WINE.  Now 
we're entering Twilight Zone Weird<tm>.

With nothing to lose, I killed WINE.  It laughed at me.  I rekilled it. 
  It continued to mock me on an insulting, highly personal basis.  Not 
willing to take that from an OS, I used the Nuclear Nine Kill, which 
gave me the last laugh.  As I'm watching WINE die, it comes up with a 
zombie process.  What is the zombie process?  Internet Exploder.

Yes, even under linux, IE sucks.

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