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Re: [PLUG] DVD ripping

Ubuntu 8.04 64

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 1:16 PM, brent saner <> wrote:
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TheWonk wrote:
| So I own a couple DVD's I bought legitimately and I was trying to
| find a way to rip them in my favourite OS into a video file [MP4,
| AVI, any video file, Im not fussed]. I got the program Avidemux,
| which made the video file perfectly but corrupted the audio pretty
| horribly.
| I was wondering if any of you do this regularly and /exactly /what
| settings you use to get a useable rip. I was hoping to rip in the
| highest possible quality [I dont care how much space my rips take as
| long as each is under 10gb].
| Can anyone reccomend a program/specific rip settings that produce a
| watchable product?
| Thanks,
| Sasha

it's been mentioned about mencoder, but dvdrip is a good GUI if you
aren't comfortable with CLI (but i encourage you to! it's a little
frustrating at first, but DEFINITELY worth it).

that said, i believe mencoder (dvd uses mencoder as a backend) had an
audio issue in ubuntu. which distro are you using?

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