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Re: [PLUG] keyboard dies


Which KVM are you using and how old is it? How often does this happen?  
Is the keyboard frozen for all computers on the KVM or just the Kubuntu 

Try the keyboard (or several) without the KVM (I know, requires multiple 
keyboards and is a true P.I.T.A!) but this allows you to isolate the KVM 
as the problem or not.

I use a Belkin OmniView SE 4 port.  I have not experienced the problem 
you describe but I have an annoying "glitch" with the wheel in my mouse 
that I'm trying to diagnose (for a year now.)  Someday I'll post the xev 
output here and see if anyone has further insight into it.  Perhaps I'll 
just replace my Logitech with a Microsoft mouse and see if the problem 
goes away :-(


Art Alexion wrote:
> Distro Kubuntu Hardy
> Running Compiz
> KDE 3.5.9
> Using KVM
> Every once in a while, while I am working with the mouse, but not necessarily
> typing, keyboard input is suddenly ignored.  Nothing freezes.  Programs
> respond to mouse input.  Switching computers with the KVM doesn't help.
> Restarting the x-server restores the keyboard.
> Google doesn't help me with this, but I could be using the wrong search terms
> to describe it.
> Any ideas?
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