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Re: [PLUG] IT: VMware ESXi Available For Free Starting Today

JP Vossen wrote:
> IT: VMware ESXi Available For Free Starting Today
> Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Monday July 28, @02:52PM
> from the free-always-sounds-better dept.
> Operating Systems
> Mierdaan writes "VMware's bare-metal hypervisor is available for free 
> starting today. ESXi, which can either be installed or run from an 
> embedded device available in certain servers, has a 32MB footprint and 
> gives small businesses an easy way to get into the virtualization world, 
> with easy upgrade paths to enterprise-level features such as (H)igh 
> (A)vailability and (D)istributed (R)esource (S)cheduler. ESXi runs on 
> most any hardware with a server-class disk controller, and previously 
> retailed for $495. VMware is obviously shooting to prevent Microsoft's 
> Hyper-V technology from gaining a foothold in the marketplace."

Test install on a PE750
	= Failed!  "Unable to find a supported device to write the VMware ESX 
Server 3i 3.5.0 image to."
"There isn’t a single system, whether it be a PC or an entry-level 
server which use embedded SATA2 RAID chipsets that will work with ESX 3i 
or ESX 3.5 out of the box. If you boot ESX 3i on any of these systems, 
you’ll be presented with a  message that no suitable storage device has 
been found. Doh! Game Over, man."
"Once ESX 3i is running, you then test its connectivity using a web 
browser on a client Windows-based machine (XP, Vista or Server) and you 
can download the VMWare Infrastructure Client 2.5 over the web. Unlike 
VMWare’s other free virtualization solution, VMWare Server 2.0 ESX 3i 
doesn’t currently support VMWare Virtual Infrastructure Web Access, so 
management is limited to Windows systems only."
"There is a “gotcha” here, however. Without purchasing a license to 
VirtualCenter, VMotion and HA/DRS (in which case you are getting into 
the thousands of dollars) you won’t be able to use any of the advanced 
features such as live migration, clustering and high availability."


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