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Re: [PLUG] IT: VMware ESXi Available For Free Starting Today

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Subject: Re: [PLUG] IT: VMware ESXi Available For Free Starting Today
"There is a “gotcha” here, however. Without purchasing a license to 
VirtualCenter, VMotion and HA/DRS (in which case you are getting into 
the thousands of dollars) you won’t be able to use any of the advanced 
features such as live migration, clustering and high availability."

Luckily, Xen does these things quite handily, especially in combination with DRBD and Heartbeat.

I've got two of my systems setup in a heartbeat cluster, with shared disk for each OS running on DRBD devices. You can live migrate VMs between the nodes, and heartbeat will restart VMs from a failed server on the other node in the cluster. You can also use Heartbeat at the service level, inside the VMs.


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