Glenn Kelley on 31 Jul 2008 08:15:25 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] going vmware reply

On Jul 31, 2008, at 11:10 AM, jeff wrote:
>> the vendor/vendor apps to run on vmware are a major impediment.
> Not at all.
> The vendors claim the program won't work virtualized and they won't
> support it.  So you forget to mention it when you call for support.
> So far, most of our vendors have said they won't support it (but  
> that it
> has been done).  One told us that everybody that virtualized their app
> wound up going back to physical (yeah, right).

NO - Its more basic than that...

If they sell appliances themselves - WHY would they ever allow a  
VMWare version?>
i know they should but for some they make more money selling this.

For example - how many asterisk systems are sold as hardware... ?

Shame - and they perhaps should be flogged for doing such things...
but alas i should get off my soapbox ;-)

>> many vendors have not tested their virtual on a vm, and  
>> consequently wont
>> bless it.
>> i dont understand this.
>> i would want to be the 1st on the block to have my app work in a vm.
>> but thats the reality.
There are some that are like this -
Still Secure Software is one...
there are others as well.

Has anyone here played with Enomalism yet?
Looks Decent

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