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Re: [PLUG] going vmware reply

Ron Kaye wrote:
> we are a bit further along
> 75 done 425 more to virtualize

Wow.  That's a project and a half!  You need to write a guide.

We're about 75% done our 20+ servers.  The majority of time is being 
spent waiting for app owners to assist us.

I have outlined our process, complete with twisted commentary, on my blog.

All in all, we're very happy with it.  We haven't done all of the heavy 
hitter servers but I don't expect any grief (famous last words). 
Exchange 2003 is Monday.  How's it going for you?

> the vendor/vendor apps to run on vmware are a major impediment.

Not at all.
The vendors claim the program won't work virtualized and they won't 
support it.  So you forget to mention it when you call for support.

So far, most of our vendors have said they won't support it (but that it 
has been done).  One told us that everybody that virtualized their app 
wound up going back to physical (yeah, right).

> many vendors have not tested their virtual on a vm, and consequently wont 
> bless it.
> i dont understand this.
> i would want to be the 1st on the block to have my app work in a vm.
> but thats the reality.

I think it's a variant of `not my job' syndrome.

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