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Re: [PLUG] Is MS breaking OOo?

Art, I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve installed this for my Windows users:




It is the Office 2007 Compatibility pack (and free!), and allows opening on Office 2007 documents in every version of Office since Office 95.


I hope it helps!






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Is it just the file associations that are broken?  There might be an Office 2k3 patch that allows it to open docx files, and also associates Office with them without your consent.  You can probably just re-associate them and be on your merry way.


Art Alexion wrote:

We have about 250 desktops running MS Office 2000.  We don't upgrade stuff 
wholesale, but on an ad hoc, as needed basis.  A lot of our hardware won't 
even run the 2007 version if we wanted it.  Most of our users who have tried 
2007 ask to be downgraded to 2000 or 2003.
The solution to people sending us docx and xlsm files is that I associated 
them with OpenOffice 2.4.x which opens them fine.
About a month ago, OOo/Windows stopped knowing what to do with these files.  
The same version of OOo/Linux opens them fine.  Anybody hear of an MS Windows 
Update "patch" that breaks this fo OOo/Windows?


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