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Re: [PLUG] Asterisk LIVEcd

You need a server that can run the asterisks software.  The amount of cpu
power etc. needed will depend on the number of extensions and incoming lines
you will have in use.  You can use any SIP compatible phone.  This can be a
software phone that runs on your computer and is used with a mic and
speakers/headphones or a desktop type phone.  You can use IO cards to plug
in your POTS lines into the asterisks server, but most people choose to
purchase SIP trunks from a provider.  
A SIP trunk can contain any number of channels ( 1 channel = 1 outgoing or
incoming call) and each channel usually costs around $30 a month and
includes unlimited calling.  The SIP traffic goes out over your internet
connection, so you do not need ant special IO cards besides a basic Ethernet
card.  The general consensus from the people I have spoken with is that you
can run about 3 SIP channels out over a cable connection without losing call
quality & that using a router and switches that support QOS is highly
recommended. has some great FAQs that explain SIP trucks, channels and
other VOIP lingo.

I am setting up an asterisks system this month and have chosen to go with
the trixbox ( software and Aastra 57i phones
m).  Trixbox is a Centos distribution that has been customized with
asterisks and the FreePBX GUI front end. I have installed both and am very
pleased with the phones performance and would recommend them to anyone
looking into buying some new SIP phones.


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> Pardon my ignorance, but what type of hardware (phones, I/O cards, etc) do
> need to implement an asterisk PBS?
> On Thursday 31 July 2008 9:55:18 pm wrote:
> > I found the AsteriskNOW LiveCD.  It's brilliant.  In a few minutes I had
> > system running with three extensions.  I even left my self a message
> > the tone.  The odd thing is that I couldn't find the LiveCD on the main
> > site.
> >
> > I used X-Lite softphones, available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
> >
> > As seen on TV.  haha
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> > i believe there was some inquiry about an asterisk livecd during one
> > of the threads a bit back.
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> > i just wanted to quick share this; i came across it while researching
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