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Re: [PLUG] Is MS breaking OOo?

On Thursday 31 July 2008 23:06:41 Art Clemons wrote:
> > I guess the reason for my post here is to find out if anyone heard of a
> > patch that "accidentally" broke this feature.  Nothing I could find
> > googling, but I'm seeing it happen here.
> One other technique is upgrading to the absolutely latest 2.4.X OOo or
> reinstalling OO, when I ran into this problem, either solution solved
> the lost associations.
> I get the feelings the associations did get overwritten somehow.

The problem isn't with the associations.  The conversion filters are broken. 
The filters work with the identical OOo version for Linux.  I don't know how 
the Mac version is affected, but if those filters work, then my theory that 
an MS "security patch" broke the OOo filters would be bolstered.

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