jeff on 5 Aug 2008 09:02:08 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] More fun w/help desk software

Adam J. Zion wrote:
> package: the Web front end, + a MySQL back end. Does anyone have any 
> experience setting up this package, or at least more experience 
> w/configuring MySQL than I have? Given that I have precious little MySQL 
> experience, the latter part shouldn't be much of a reach.

I know less than you do - I can guarantee it.
Have you looked into any of the virtual appliances on  They 
have prebuilt appliances with all this stuff configured for you.  I'm 
semi-terrified of anything with SQL in the title (I just don't want to 
learn it - too many other things to grasp).

I found a bunch of network monitoring apps with SQL/PHP and whatnot 
built-in and ready to run.  Remember to make a note of the login and 
password and write down any site that has directions, which they 
frequently lack.

Good luck.
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