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Re: [PLUG] ISP's

> Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 12:32:51 -0400 (EDT)
> From:
> Subject: [PLUG] ISP's
> Netaxs is ending its telnet service and as I find telnet very
> useful in reading my mail at various job sites and for using
> with a dial up system dependent upon flakeky landlines, I want
> to know if anyone provides similar services.
> This is really the wrong time to suggest that I upgrade to FIOS,
> cmcast or RCN.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but for the future, Speakeasy 
still provides shell accounts if you ask for one.

I second the "find a free shell account" elsewhere answer.

Other alternatives:
* Buy a cheap VPS (virtual private server) from a hosting company that 
provides shell/root access, and use that. (There are PLUG folks who work 
for such a company, but I forget the name right now.)
* Explore the HP "Test Drive" service, though I'm not sure that'll 
really work for you:  and /faq/

Other suggestions:
* Look into Portable Putty on a USB key for your portable SSH needs. 
(SecureCRT, which is commercial, also provides a method to be portable, 
though it's a bit clunky.)  As others have mentioned Telnet is getting 
rare, thankfully.
* Look into using 'screen' on the remote end, if you have flaky 
connections.  Once you set up it, which is pretty easy, you can 
re-connect right where you let off when you get dropped due to route 
flap, noisy phone line, etc.

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