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Re: [PLUG] Sendmail configuration w/osTicket?

I can tell you that sendmail grinds some of my servers to a halt as well. I
know I've configured them different in the past to make it really fast, but
forget the exact optimizations I made. So there is hope, at least. Out of
the box, using PHP scripts (and others) to invoke outgoing email through
sendmail with the default is painfully slow - I'm guessing that the page
loads you're waiting on are for the scripting language to send an email out.

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Subject: [PLUG] Sendmail configuration w/osTicket?

I have osTicket running on an almost-bare linux server (Xubuntu linux, 
typically running w/o the GUI, on a 2.5 GHz Celeron PC w/528 MB of RAM). 
While the help request page loads very quickly, it's very slow to submit 
issues or changes to tickets. Since this slowdown began after I 
installed sendmail, + can only presume that it has to do w/the sendmail 

Is there a recommended sendmail.cf to optimize the speed of osTicket?

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