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Re: [PLUG] Sendmail configuration w/osTicket?

Ah the famous DSN problem.  I had the same problem.

Tim Allen wrote:
I wrote yesterday about the slowness with sendmail regarding to PHP - it
turns out it wasn't what I thought. I didn't have to change sendmail
configuration - I had to modify my hosts file! <kicks self> Apparently,
sendmail really doesn't like not having a FQDN in hosts.

The problem was that the hosts file didn't have a fully qualified domain
name. Here's an example of the change I made:

# OLD, BAD CONFIGURATION               localhost.localdomain localhost           www

# NEW, GOOD CONFIGURATION               localhost.localdomain localhost 

I hope this helps!



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Michael Leone wrote:
 > Mark Baker wrote:
 If you take a look at the and
search for "Timeout" you will find a large number of variables that can
tuned to greatly speed up the delivery of email.
I suppose he could post his sendmail configuration, and someone could
try and decipher it ...

hehe... This makes me laugh. I know that the OP has already posted his
with switching to Postfix, but I find it hilarious that one has to 'tune' 
sendmail variables to make it faster while Postfix blazes from the moment of



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