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Re: [PLUG] PLUG messages as false spam


This might be my domain's problem - I run many lists off of
and occasionally I get e-mails (mostly from yahoo) that they stopped 
receiving mail.  I always chalked it up to their bad spamfilters and 
instructed them to check their spam folders.  Perhaps I'm blacklisted 

Is there any header info from the e-mail I just sent that could help me track 
down if it is trouble with my domain?


Art Alexion said:
> With this verizon account, my mail used to be handled by yahoo and their 
> flawed spam filters.
> When I learned that I could run the mail through gmail and take advantage of 
> their spam filter and imap, I moved my old account. 
> is a high spam account.  As everything was working really well, with very 
> little spam getting through, and almost no noticeable false poshitives, I 
> moved there as well, turning off yahoo's spam filter to avoid the 
> rampant false positives that filter produces.
> Surprisingly, many (35%?) of PLUG messages get caught anyway.  PLUG and 
> another, non-technical list.  Nothing seems amiss in the threads that get 
> caught.  The most recent message to get interceted was John Lavin's recent 
> post regarding Tivo and MythTV.  
> Anybody else with a gmail account have this message trapped as well? noticing 
> the same problem? Any ideas what is triggering this?

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