Matt Mossholder on 11 Aug 2008 19:22:08 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Replacing a Series 1 Tivo with MythTV?

----- "Jeff Bailey" <> wrote:

> Do you have any specific recommendations for HD?
> Any comments in general about recording digital/hd channels from a 
> comcast digital converter box?
> Thanks...

Digital SDTV is pretty easy. Just use a cable box, and pump the output into a 
standard capture card. HDTV is more problematic. You have two options... 

1) ATSC and/or Clear QAM, which means you can only get broadcast or unencrypted cable 
HD stations. You can use any number of PCI or USB capture devices, or a network based 
HD Homerun (recommended).  Or ...

2) You can get a Hauppage HD PVR1212 and capture the analog HD output from your cable box. 

The HD-PVR 1212 drivers aren't in the kernel yet, and are still very beta. Additionally, 
you'll need to run bleeding edge versions of Myth to support it, and again, it's very beta.

To be honest, I would either hold off now, or just wait for the HD PVR1212 support to solidify
before going HD at this point. Unless you have money to burn, in which case you can get a 
HD Homerun now, and a HD PVR 1212 later :)

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