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Re: [PLUG] Why the Olympics didn’t ‘Melt’ the Internet

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 3:41 PM, K.S. Bhaskar <bhaskar@bhaskars.com> wrote:
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/perlow/?p=9221
> All this time, I thought the Internet didn't melt because there were
> so many of us Linux users who were deliberately kept away from Olympic
> videos so that only a fraction of those who wanted to access the
> videos were able to and hence Internet traffic was limited!  8-)
> So, Linux was the reason that the Internet didn't melt after all, but
> in a different way!
> Cheers
> -- Bhaskar

So I read TFA and realized that the moron doesn't have a clue.
Limelight Networks is just another Akamai/Speedare/others, a content
distribution network.  Content distribution networks (CDN) have entry
points into just about every autonomous system such that you have only
a few hops to the content.

I read through the comments and found the key distinction between the
"normal" CDN and Limelight (which is contrary to what I know).  The
CDNs cache popular data and Limelight has regional replication points.
 AFAIK the CDNs all have regional replication points and did not
operate with a caching mechanism.

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