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[PLUG] Meeting Sept6 BerkeleyTIPGlobal-USA - Stallman Torvalds Debconf Akademy...

Hello Philadelphians, from Berkeley.  :)

Anyone interested in attending this meeting there locally?

If you value knowing, using or contributing to free software,
or getting together with members of the community,
you won't want to miss this meeting.

We'll be getting together in 1 week, on Saturday September 6,
for the First monthly meeting 
(in your community, & throughout the USA) joining with the
Berkeley TIP Global-USA meeting.
TIP = Talks, Installfest, Potluck, ProgrammingParty

I invite you to join us.

Sign up for the BerkTIPGlobal mailing list at

Someone will need to set up a local meeting in your community-
at a place with internet for IRC.
It's easy - a WiFi cafe, schoolroom, a house or apartment is great.

Scan the rest of this announcement - there's a lot of info there, but
you don't need to read it in detail.

Is anyone there interested in attending this meeting?  
Reply to this message on your local list & see who'd like to come to a

Ask any question you like on the Global mailing list too.
What questions do you have?

I hope to hear from you on the mailing list, 
and hope to meet you at the meeting.  :)

===========  SUMMARY DETAILS  =====
WHAT:  The First Global-USA SIMULTANEOUS monthly MEETING of the 
       Berkeley - Talks Installfest Potluck & ProgrammingParty (TIP)
WHEN:  SEPTEMBER 6 SATURDAY 10AM-6PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time
       (Adjust for your local time. Ex: Eastern = Pacific + 3Hrs.)
WHERE: In your local community
WHY:   Learn, Install SW, Communicate, Produce
HOW:   Bring your laptop & VOIP headset. Download videos before meeting.

Who will be the person to arrange your local simultaneous meeting,

It's really EASY. Just:
1) JOIN the BerkeleyTIP-Global MAILING LIST:
2) DECIDE on a LOCATION for the meeting:
3) SEND out ANNOUNCEMENTS to email lists.
4) DOWNLOAD the VIDEOS ahead of time.
5) Have the MEETING.  :)

Reply to this email on your mailing list & I'll try to help you out.

Note: I'm doing this as one of my part time volunteer efforts for the
community, so I can only make a little time to help you.  I'll try to
help you.  :)  I've included step by step plans here & on the
BerkeleyTIP-Global Group website.  Ask questions to the
BerkeleyTIP-Global mailing list, & the community can help each other

Reply to this message on your local list to let me know who will head up
your local meeting effort. Also say "Hi" on the BerkTIPGlobal mailing
list.  :)

Whatever aspects of GNU(LINUX)/BSD 
freedom software, technology, or culture you are interested in,
on SEPTEMBER 6, SATURDAY, (& the 1st Saturday of every month)
the place YOU WILL WANT TO BE is at a local meeting of:

The historic First, Simultaneous,
Berkeley GNU(Linux)/BSD Freedom Culture
- Talks, Installfest, Potluck & ProgrammingParty (TIP)
Global-USA monthly meeting.
[10AM-6PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time - Adjust for your local time.]

You will have about 20 educational talks to watch
[from the top minds in the GNU(Linux)/BSD Free SW world].
You will be able to:
Learn, Install or Upgrade, Communicate, & Create.

We will watch talks, then get together Globally-USA on IRC & VOIP to
discuss anything & everything.

With 1 week to go before the meeting, 
you have ample time to arrange a local meeting place & meeting.

I've created a simple plan/ set of instructions for you 
- all you have to do is follow the steps.

There's already been interest expressed in BatonRouge, Boston, Chicago,
Denver, Detroit, Hawaii, Montana, NorthCarolina, Virginia, Canada &
Columbia.  & Berkeley/SiliconValley.  & from FSF, FreeBSD & Debian
people. (And that's just from my small, part time effort on this.)

Who will be the person(s) to arrange your local meeting details?
Maybe it's you. (& it's straightforward, and easy to do.)

=====  WHO SHOULD ATTEND  =====
Parts of this meeting are relevant for:
Computing & technology professionals, business people, non-profits,
educators, students, scientists, (re)searchers, engineers, artists, &
home & personal computer users.

The meeting is Free, no money $ cost.
- & You might want to make a donation to support its growth/benefits.

I invite you to join our mailing list at

=====  VOLUNTEERING - ME & YOU  =====
Note:  I'm putting this together as my volunteer effort for the
community, in my almost nonexistent "free/spare" time.   I've designed
this as a "self-reliant" event.  I'll certainly try to help everyone
out, but this event doesn't depend on me - if _you_ want a successful
event, it depends on _you_ (collectively).  It's a self reliant event, &
I've worked hard to ensure it is easy for you to succeed in making &
having a successful event/ experience(s).

Forward this announcement wherever you think it will do some good: like,
any list you don't see me posting this to.

I'm sending this to about 15 LUGs around the USA, plus come topic
groups, ex BSD, FSF, GNU, Debian, Gentoo, KDE, GNOME, Python.  Fee free
to send this announcement to any community email list where it could do
some good.

If I had lots of time, I'd complete this section.  But, since I want
this announcement to go out now, I'll leave this merely as complete as
it is.  You can find most of this information on the BerkTIPGlobal group
website.  Ask any questions you have on the group mailing list.

=====  CONTENTS:
0) Global group - mailing list - everyone join
1) Local Meeting Management/Arrangement Plan
2) Attendee Video Downloading Plan - Download before meeting
3) Talks / Topics - Tentative Schedule
4) IRC & VOIP - ProgrammingParty = VOIP this meeting
5) Installfest - HowTo - SelfReliance = bring everything you need
6) Ex of local meeting info: BerkeleyTIP local

=====  0) Global group - mailing list - everyone join  =====

There are 4 PARALLEL TRACKS of events:
1) TALKS        Talks by various speakers (stream video globally)
2) INSTALLFEST  Bring your computer & install BSD or GNU/Linux software.
3) POTLUCK      Bring $5 or food to share: eat, chat (optional)
4) PROGRAMMING PARTY     Write SW on your. or a group. project

This next meeting I am stepping this up from a local Berkeley meeting,
toward its goal of being a Global meeting.  For the September 6 meeting
I'm working to get USA locations up & connected.  I call this month's
meeting "Global-USA".  Anyone is welcome to set up a simultaneous
meeting anywhere in the world.  But _my_ efforts this month are
primarily directed to getting USA groups going.  Next month I'll focus
on getting Americas' groups added.

=====  1) Local Meeting Management/Arrangement Plan  =====
For people who want to have  a local meeting, whoever does the work is
the leader.  Here is a Plan for you to follow to arrange a meeting:

Here are the major accomplishments to achieve, by time point:
In time before the meeting:

3rd week:  August 17 - 23
1) Discuss meeting online with local group
2) Where to hold local meeting - Discuss

2nd Week:  August 24 - 30
1) Visit possible locations, verify internet connectivity.
2) Discuss merits of various locations.
3) Choose location for meeting.

1st Week:  August 31 - Sept 5
1) Visit location & get on IRC for  a test.
2) Make physical arrangements 
    signs, network hardware (WiFi AP, ethernet switch, ethernet cables,
    power cables)

0 Day:     September 6
Have meeting: Learn, install, eat, talk, create, have fun!  :)

!!! NOTE: Your time zone simultaneous times are a
    DIFFERENT HOUR OF THE DAY than the hours below
    if you aren't in PDST. So ADJUST FOR YOUR TIME ZONE!!!
    I.E. 10 AM PDST = 1 PM EDST.  )

September 6 Saturday 10AM-6PM (Pacific Daylight Savings Time).
In your region.

=====  2) Attendee Video Downloading Plan - Download before meeting 
All attendees to every meeting should download, before the meeting, the
videos they want to watch to their laptop.  This ensures you are self
sufficient, & aren't depending on someone else to bring the videos you
want to see.

At the appropriate hour, watch the relevant video.  Get on IRC with
others watching the same video & discuss it.

=====  3) Talks / Topics  =====
Watch the latest talks from Debconf, SciPy & KDE Akademy.
?Maybe even Defcon??


1000A DISTROS - GNU(Linux), BSD, Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD OpenBSD
      DATABASES - MySQL, MSQL, BerkeleyDB
 100P GUI's - GNOME, KDE
      NETWORKING - internet, Apache, web browser, VOIP
 230P BUSINESS - CRM, ERP, spreadsheets
 400P HARDWARE - OLPC, phone
      PERSONAL APPLICATIONS - K/Open-Office, audio, video
 530P ART - Creative Commons, music, visual, Wikipedia

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE - Likely to change - watch group website for updates

1000 AM--------------------------------------------------------------
Network1:  Asterisk VOIP - Sameer Verma
Social:    GNU & Copyright - Richard Stallman
1130 AM--------------------------------------------------------------
Network2:  Debian - Setup A WiFi Repeater
Prog Lang: Painless Python Part 1 - Alex Martelli
Database:  A Googly MySQL Cluster 
100 PM--------------------------------------------------------------
GUIs:      ? - Akademy
Distros:   git - Linus Torvalds
           ? - Debian Debconf
230 PM--------------------------------------------------------------
Business:  Web 2.0 startups - David Weekly
Education: Python on the OLPC XO Laptop
400 PM--------------------------------------------------------------
Hardware:  ? Open Moko?? - can we get someone to give a talk on this???
Pers Apps: ? Games - TeamSpeak - can we get a talk on this???
530 PM--------------------------------------------------------------
Art:       ?
WebDesign: ?

===== 4) IRC & VOIP - ProgrammingParty = VOIP this meeting  =====
If you know WiFi, internet connection sharing, IRC, or VOIP, come & help
out on getting connection sharing going for local meetings, getting IRC
up for all meetings to join, & getting VOIP going.

VOIP = everyone bring a laptop, Audio Headset & microphone, WiFi
capability, & get together with people at all meetings on group VOIP
channels.  Too many details for me to mention more here.

===== 5) Installfest - HowTo - SelfReliance = bring everything you need 
Local installfests - Optional, up to local meeting organizers.  Ask
attendees to be prepared, be self reliant, bring everything they think
they'll need - HW, SW, networking, power cables, minitors, WiFi cards &
AccessPoints, blank CDs, etc.

===== 6) Ex of local meeting info: BerkeleyTIP local  =====
Check out the announcements & links here for suggestions & guidelines:

JOIN the BerkeleyTIP-Global MAILING LIST:

What questions do you have?
Philadelphia Linux Users Group         --
Announcements -
General Discussion  --