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Re: [PLUG] Question about Remote Desktop through a NAT

On Saturday 30 August 2008, Claude M. Schrader wrote:
> I've actually been thinking about this recently too - its pretty
> straightforward to set up nicely - setting it up will most likely require
> you having ssh access to his machine, so set it up when hes directly
> plugged into the modem:
> -get a dyndns account on *your* internet connection, and forward port 22
> somewhere useful
> -create a passwordless SSH key on his machine, so ssh from his machine to
> yours works sans interaction
> -still on his machine, in ssh_config, set it up so that an ssh session from
> his machine to yours uses the -R flag to reverse port forward 590* from
> your machine, across the tunnel to his. This will enable you to sit at the
> machine that has been ssh'd *to*, and vnc to localhost, which will be
> forwarded to his machine regardless of what his private IP is.
> It should take a little legwork to set up initially, but should do the
> trick. To take it one step further - I know on macs you can create .term
> files, so that double clicking on the icon will run a shell command. I
> imagine this is possible on Linux too. If not, you could just set his
> machine up so he pulls up a terminal and types "connect" or some such, and
> it will do the rest.

If you wanted to do something like that, why not just use a simple VPN, like 
OpenVPN.  That way, you can connect to his machine for any purpose even if you 
aren't on your own machine/network.

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