Matthew Rosewarne on 14 Sep 2008 11:09:59 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Want Video Card Recommendation

On Sunday 14 September 2008, David A. Harding wrote:
> Did you phrase that wrong, were you trying to spew hyperbole, or do you
> just lack imagination? There are many other effective ways to affect
> NVidia's behavior. All of them require time; some of them require money;
> but none of them can be called unreal because they require effort.

Well, I suppose you could buy some stock and vote on it.  I don't think 
there's much else you could do that they would remotely care about.  If you 
mean writing reverse-engineered drivers, I don't see how that encourages them 
to be more open, since they've made their money either way.

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