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Re: [PLUG] OT: Ipod Touch

On Sunday 14 September 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> Bring this closer to on-topic, the centro syncs well with gnome-pilot/
> evolution and kpilot/kontact. This device does not. My iPod mini syncs
> well with amarok; this device requires "jailbreaking" and the
> installation of an ash server. I haven't got it to work yet.

While RIM provides the same level of Linux support as Apple (ie. none), 
there's a project called "Barry" that includes a reverse-engineered BlackBerry 
driver for opensync.  I've managed to get it almost working with an 8320 
"Curve", but there are still quirks.  I'm not sure if it's barry or opensync 
at fault, but it seems that the driver does work for some people.

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