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Re: [PLUG] OT: Ipod Touch

I won one in a raffle last Tuesday. Timing was great because I was
starting to have doubts about my Palm Centro.

The Palm interface is getting pretty worn, and OS 5.x is much less
stable than previous versions. People I support at work were
complaining about syncing issues.

I was wondering whether we should switch to Blackberries or iPhones

My understanding is that the iTouch is an iPhone without the phone.

So my early impression is that the coolness factor very much favors
the iPhone but it isn't ready for business. One exception is the mail
app that seems to do IMAP better than any handheld I've tried. That's
offset by an absence of cut & paste.

Bring this closer to on-topic, the centro syncs well with gnome-pilot/
evolution and kpilot/kontact. This device does not. My iPod mini syncs
well with amarok; this device requires "jailbreaking" and the
installation of an ash server. I haven't got it to work yet.


Art Alexion
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On Sep 14, 2008, at 3:55 AM, "Brian Stempin" <>

> I have one, and it's wireless is pretty good.
> Granted:  I have yet to try using it on an encrypted or protected  
> network.
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