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[PLUG] Xandros hacking on eeePC

We are looking to buy a bunch of these as loaner laptops for employees who 
occasionally travel.  We used to use full featured Dell Latitude 630s, but 
the idea is saving cost, durability of the SDD, and travel weight, among 
other things.  The potential end users were not told it wasn't windows, only 
that it was the laptop interface.  They seemed to love it.

I like the simplicity of the Xandros UI for end users, but it seems to be a 
pain to administer at all.

Google as I may, I have found no way to add user choices to the display 
manager (can't tell whether its kdm or a Xandros app).  The default setup is 
to create a single home directory called user and to display an alias for 
that user on the dm which comes from /home/user/.AsusLauncher/requireLogin

I'd like to have it present either a gdm style "type a user" or kdm 
style "pick list".  I have sucessfully added users, but can't figure out how 
to allow them to log in.

Anyone succeed with this?

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