Art Alexion on 27 Sep 2008 09:39:20 -0700

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[PLUG] getting the bugs out of eee-ubuntu

We installed eee-ubuntu on our new eeepc, and the interface is very
nice except for two problems so far.

1. The primary account (administrator) is set to have all permissions
in the gnome user administration GUI, including mounting removable
media, but automount of USB sticks fails due to permissions.  What am
I missing? Is there another way to set this?  Without an optical
drive, this is really important.

2. The CUPS/PDF driver doesn't seem to behave like the one on standard
Ubuntu/Kubuntu installs.  On those, the PDF file is saved in ~/PDF/.
I can't find anywhere where the eee version is saving them, and
nowhere to configure it.  I use this a lot when I'm not near a
physical printer.

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