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Re: [PLUG] Developer-to-staff ratio?


I notice that you have a LinkedIn 
<> account.  If you click on a 
company name in one of your contacts you may get some useful 
information, but rarely.

Here's an example of the World Bank in Washington, DC (you have to login 
to be able to see the search result)

No developers are listed but there is "Information Officer" and 
"Consultant".  Developers are going to be in one of these categories.

Here's IBM: 
5% "Software Engineer"
Here's Microsoft:

I know this doesn't help too much and it's biased towards ones who get 
an account on LinkedIn.


JP Vossen wrote:
> I need to come up with some numbers on "typical" industry 
> "developer-to-other_staff" ratios.  I understand that there really is no 
> such thing as "typical," but someone has to have some kind of metrics I 
> can adapt.  I will Google and Wikipedia, and so-forth, but does anyone 
> have any pointers for me?
> Thanks,
> JP
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