Art Alexion on 2 Oct 2008 04:13:49 -0700

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[PLUG] eeePC partitioning suggestions

We have -- and based on user reception, expect to get more -- a couple  
of eeePC 1000 models. The 1000s come with a GB of RAM, and two SSD  
drives: a faster 8 GB, and a 32 GB.

Following advice not to create a swap partition on an SSD, we didn't.  
Now I need to plan how to use the 32 GB drive.

The machines will be lent for a day or two to traveling non-technical  
employees for webmail, powerpoint (impress), and the occasional word  
processing and spreadsheet. We have a default 'remote' user, and  
borrowers will not have their own accounts.

I was thinking of just putting /home on the 32. I don't see the need  
for /opt or /ur/local for this use.

Any suggestions or thoughts?


Art Alexion
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